Make Way for Ducklings – my first trip to Boston!

I have been really busy this summer – my friend took me on TWO more adventures after Chicago!

The first one was a weekend in Boston, a really old city in Massachusetts.  My friend said it was one of the important cities in the American Revolution!  She had to go for a lot of work meetings, so I got to hang out in a really cool hotel called Aloft in a really big comfy bed.

When my friend finished up her work meetings, she took me over to an Irish pub called Mr. Dooley’s, where we had some clam chowder and got to listen to a band playing real Irish music – it was so fun!  We even met a real Irish guy whose sister knows a friend of my friend!  My friend said it’s such a small world.  We didn’t stay TOO long, cause we were tired and wanted to go see more of Boston in the morning.

The next day, we were trying to decide what to go see, and my friend said coffee would help her think – so she got me a HUGE honey-dip donut from a place called Kane’s Donuts.  I think donuts are my next favorite thing after ice cream and fries!  So we decided to walk around for a bit on the Freedom Trail, a walk through Boston that goes by a lot of historical sites.  I learned so much!  We saw the site of the Boston Massacre, the Old State House, and King’s Chapel – and then we went to go sit in the shade in Boston Commons for a few minutes.  Then we walked around a bit more, and found the Make Way for Ducklings statue – it was so cute!  Then my friend took me over to say hi to the real ducks too.  But then we got hungry – so we found a really yummy burger place called Mooyah – my friend got me some sweet potato fries!

After lunch, we kept walking and got to Faneuil Hall.  We wanted to go to the Paul Revere House, but the line was REALLY LONG, so we went back to Faneuil Hall.  My friend told me that it’s okay if we don’t see everything in a place, so long as we have fun!  And we had fun at Faneuil Hall.  Then we walked around a bit more, back towards the hotel – and we walked past a park where there was a brass band having a little concert.  We stayed and danced for a few minutes!  We also walked past the Boston Tea Party museum, but it was closed already – but I liked looking at the cool boats.

We didn’t do a lot a lot of things in Boston, but we still had a really good time!

My First Chicago Hotdog!

It’s been a while since I posted here, cause I haven’t gone on a really big trip since I went to NEW YORK over Thanksgiving.  My friend took me back to the beach a few times, and we had so much fun!  But we really did the same things we always do there.

But then a few weeks ago, I got to go somewhere new.  My friend took me to CHICAGO!  We got up really early on a Friday and went to the airport.  The plane ride was really short, like our trip to Ohio!  My friend said it’d take a lot longer to get there in a car, so I was glad we got to fly again.

We waited until we got to Chicago to have breakfast – I had a really yummy egg sandwich.  Then we walked around for a while, and found Millennium Park where there’s a really big silver bean – it was so cool!  Then we got on the metro (they call it the L in Chicago) and went to Chinatown.  My friend said she’d been to Chinatown when she was in college.  I liked the zodiac statues!  I wish there was a Year of the Elephant – but my friend told me I was born in the Year of the Rooster.

After we walked around Chinatown, we went to find some coffee for my friend.  And then we found a really cool donut shop called Stan’s, because it was National Donut Day!  We bought a bunch of donuts and then went over to the Millennium Station.  Then we got on another train to go out to a place called Miller, Indiana, to go meet another friend who was getting married.  They were staying right by the beach on Lake Michigan.  We shared our donuts with them and then went for a walk on the beach.  Then the next day was a big party for the wedding!  It was so fun.

After the wedding, we got back on the train to come back into Chicago.  We went and had brunch at a place called the Red Lion Pub on the north side, near  – we shared a poutine, which is from Canada!  It’s made with fries (my favorite!), cheese curds, and gravy – and they put an egg on it too since it was breakfast time.  Then we walked over to check into the hotel we’d booked for the night.  We got a bit settled in and then went for a walk – we found a Greek festival!  It was cool to see the musicians and dancers.  Then we went to get some tacos!  They were delicious but took a really long time to serve us.  Then we went back to the hotel to rest.

The next day my friend had to do a little work, but then we went out to get some real Chicago deep-dish pizza!  It was so good – it had lots of cheese, and spinach and mushrooms.  Then we went out on a walk again, and went all the way to Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs play!  We thought it would be fun to go on a tour – they told us the history of the stadium, and we got to see the right-field bleachers, and the famous ivy on the walls, and even the dugout!  It was so cool, but my friend was kinda sad she’d forgotten her sunscreen.

After Wrigley Field, we walked around a bit more – we found a really cool record shop, and then went to have a real Chicago hot dog for dinner!  It was delicious.  Then my friend took me to get a yummy cookie sandwich for dessert, too.  Then we went back to the hotel because we had a really early flight back home the next day.

It was a really short trip, and we didn’t get to see all of Chicago – but I learned a lot!  And I got so excited about baseball after Wrigley Field that my friend even took me to go see a Nationals game when we got back home!

After Chicago, we went back to the beach again of course.  And we have another trip planned for August – to go to Canada!  I hope I’ll get to eat some real Canadian poutine too!

A Little Elephant and a Big Apple

I just got home from a fun new adventure.  I got to go to New York City!  It was so much fun.

My friend and I went down to Union Station (the train station in Washington) and got on an early train.  It was cool – we went through the top part of Delaware, and it looked really different than Rehoboth!  My friend said that’s because Rehoboth is at the bottom part of Delaware.  Then we passed through Philadelphia, where I met my friend for the first time!  (We waved.)  Then we went through New Jersey, and my friend said that meant we were really close to New York.

And all of the sudden we were at Penn Station – it was so busy and crowded!  I got a little scared cause I hadn’t seen so many people in one place before, but my friend kept me safe in her bag while we walked through Times Square to get to our hotel.  Our hotel was so cool!  It had a lot of couches and tables in the lobby (they called it a living room), and they even had some elephant tables too!  Our room had a REALLY BIG BED with soft, comfy pillows and a big cozy blanket.  And all the people there were so nice.

But we didn’t stay in our room too long.  We went up to the roof to look at the view – it was so high up and it was really windy, but I could see all the way to Radio City Music Hall.  They had a big red sparkly tree up and it was very pretty.

We went out to get some real New York pizza for dinner at a place called John’s Pizzeria – it was also really crowded, but we got a table really fast.  We ordered a pizza with ricotta cheese and mushrooms.  I had never had ricotta before, and it was delicious!  Then we walked over to the Walter Kerr Theatre to see a show – we went to see Springsteen on Broadway.  He was a really cool guy with a guitar.  My friend told me she’s seen a lot of musicals before, and now I want to come back to see some more!  After the show we were really tired, so we went back to the hotel and had a good night sleep in our really big bed.

The next day was Thanksgiving, and we walked over to Bryant Park to go watch a really big parade – the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!  It was so exciting – there were a lot of marching bands and big balloons.  The Charlie Brown and Pillsbury Doughboy balloons were my favorites.  And then – Santa Claus rode by!  My friend said I’ve been a really good little elephant this year, so I hope he comes by to bring me some yummy treats on Christmas.  After the parade, we went to have a really delicious Thanksgiving lunch at a restaurant.  We walked past an ice skating rink – I kinda wanted to stop and go skating, but the line was really long, and we were tired, so we went back to the hotel to take a nap.Then my friend took me on a walk on Fifth Avenue to go look at the holiday window displays – they were so sparkly and twinkly.  On our way back to the hotel, my friend got me another New York treat – a little bag of warm honey peanuts!  They were so good.

Then it was our last day in New York.  We went walking on Fifth Avenue again, and then had some yummy dumplings at a Chinese restaurant before we went back to Penn Station to wait for our train.  On our way back to the station, we stopped back at the hotel to get our bag, and had a chocolate chip cookie – it was so soft and chewy.

I had a really good time in New York, even though it was really crowded.  All the holiday lights and trees were so pretty, and all the food was delicious!  My friend told me there are a lot of other neighborhoods to see in New York, so I hope she’ll take me back there someday.

My First Trip Out West – to Seattle!

I got back a few days ago from another big trip.  This time, I went really, really far – I went to a place called Seattle, in Washington.  I learned something very important – there is a state called Washington, which is not the same as the city called Washington!  (I live near the city called Washington, and the state is on the other side of the country.)

We had to get on a plane really really early, and then we had to change planes in Houston, Texas.  We didn’t see anything but the airport there, but we had enough time to get a yummy egg and cheese Stromboli for breakfast – it felt kind of silly to have inside-out pizza for breakfast!  Then we got on our second plane – and they gave us a really yummy caramel cinnamon cookie called a stroopwafel.  Both plane rides were longer than the one plane ride to Ohio, and I was glad I had a book with me.  I took some naps on the planes, too.  I wasn’t as nervous this time, since I’d been on a plane before – but not TWO in a row!

We landed in Seattle a little after lunchtime.  My friend rented a car again, and we drove into downtown Seattle.  We went to a place called Pike Place Market, a really cool place that sells flowers, fruits and vegetables, fish, and lots of other goodies.  There were also some stores and restaurants in the basement.  We got some delicious Chinese noodles for lunch, and then we walked around a bit more – and my friend got me some macarons, which are from France!  They were really tasty.  Then we drove out to our hotel, which was a little ways outside Seattle.  We had a little dinner next to the hotel and then went to bed early to get ready for another big day.

We got up early the next day, and went across the street because my friend said she needed some coffee – so she got me a maple donut.  It was so good!  Then we drove back downtown to a place called Pioneer Square.  Pioneer Square was one of the very first neighborhoods in Seattle.  We went on something called an Underground Tour – the tour guide showed us around some of the alleys underneath the city and told us all about how Seattle was built, and how they rebuilt it after a big fire!  After the tour, we went to get some lunch at a place that had biscuits and gravy – it was so yummy.

After lunch, we walked back along the waterfront.  We saw a really big ferris wheel!  It looked like a lot of people were on it.  Then we went up to a neighborhood called Fremont.  It was a lot quieter up there.  We walked around for a while…and then we found a troll under a bridge – he was so cool!  He was holding onto a Volkswagen Beetle under his hand.  Then we walked around Fremont a bit more and had some yummy Thai noodles with peanut sauce for dinner.  I love peanuts so much.

The next day, we went to a little town called Edmonds, and went to the beach park.  There were a lot of benches around, and a playground.  There was also a lot of driftwood, and I liked playing on that better than the playground!  The beach itself was nice too – but it was different than the beach I went to before in Delaware.  In Delaware, the beach is right on the ocean – but in Edmonds, the beach is on a sound, and it’s called Puget Sound.  It was so pretty!  There were lots of dogs playing in the water, and a lot of people going out in little boats called kayaks.  I’d like to try a kayak sometime!  My friend found some signs that showed us where the mountains were supposed to be on the other side of the sound – but it was really hazy out, so we couldn’t see them.  (We heard that it was hazy because there are wildfires happening in Canada, which is really close to Seattle.  I hope they’re all okay!)

After we played on the beach for a while, I got a little hungry, so my friend took me to a coffee shop and got me a delicious cinnamon roll.  Then we walked around downtown Edmonds a bit more – we walked into a few cute shops, and found another farmer’s market!  My friend found a really pretty necklace.  Then we walked back to our car, and drove over to a party for my friend’s friend who got married.  There was so much good food, and dancing!  We stayed at the party for a long time, but then I got kinda tired (and it was hot), so we went back to the motel.

Then it was our last day in Seattle.  We went downtown to go find some breakfast, and we walked past the Space Needle!  We decided not to go up though, because it was so hazy and people said we wouldn’t be able to see much – so my friend said we should save it for another trip.  I hope we get to go back someday!  So instead, we went to the Museum of Pop Culture – they had a lot of exhibits about movies, music, and TV shows!  My friend said she liked the David Bowie pictures.  I thought it was cool to see all the famous guitars.  When we finished walking through the museum, we walked around a lot more – we went back to the waterfront, and walked around the neighborhood near Pike Place.  But it was a lot more crowded!  After a while, we went to a neighborhood called Capitol Hill – which was funny, because there is also a neighborhood called Capitol Hill in the Washington near me!  We got some more Thai noodles for a little dinner, and then we went back to the airport to return the car.  We had to wait a while for our flight, cause it was a really late flight – but at least they gave us blankets on the airplane, so I got a good nap!  We changed planes in Houston again, and then we were home.

We did so many things in Seattle in such a short weekend.  It was really fun to see such a different place!  I had heard that Seattle is usually pretty rainy and chilly, but it was hot and hazy – I’m glad my friend had sunscreen with her.  I hope I get to go back someday, to see the mountains and the Space Needle!


My First Trip to Ohio!

I just got back last weekend from another big first trip.  I went on my first plane ride to Ohio!

The airport was really busy – there were a lot of people coming and going.  We dropped off our big bag at a big desk, and my friend said that the bag goes under the plane!  I was glad I didn’t have to sit under there.  Then we had to go through a line with a machine to make sure we had a ticket, and that we were safe.  After the line and the machine, we walked through some shops that had pillows and magazines and other things for the plane, and some restaurants.  We got a breakfast sandwich and went to sit by the window so that I could watch the other planes before we got on ours.

Our plane was a big blue one – blue like me!  There were a lot of people getting on it too.  We got to pick our own seat, which my friend said doesn’t happen on every plane.  We sat by a window – it was a little window for such a big plane!

There were nice people working on the plane to make sure we had our bags in the right place, and that we wore our seat belts.  They made a lot of announcements on the speakers.  Then the plane started rolling backwards, and then forward – and then it started going really fast, and then all of the sudden we were up in the air!  I watched out the window and everything got really small; then we were above the clouds – they were so pretty and so fluffy.

A little bit later, the nice people brought us a soda and some peanuts – and peanuts are my favorite snack!  Then they told us it was time to buckle our seat belts again, because we were almost in Ohio.  I watched out the window again, and the city got bigger and bigger as we came down.  I was a little scared when we landed, cause it was really bumpy when the plane wheels hit the ground, but my friend said we were fine.  I was glad we were wearing seat belts.

We had to wait a little bit to get off the plane, because they had to open the plane door, and everyone else was getting off too.  We went down an escalator to a big moving circle thing, where the bags were coming out from the plane, and we found our bag.  Then my friend rented a car – she said it was like borrowing a car, but we had to pay for it.  Then we left the airport, and drove along a lot of country roads, and saw a lot of corn fields, and got to the little town where we were staying.

We stayed in a little house with a few other people, but we had our own room to ourselves.  It was a nice little town to walk around – a lot of the buildings looked like little castles!  We even got to go on a hike through the woods – my little legs got kinda tired, so my friend carried me in her backpack.  I was glad she brought water, cause it got kinda hot, too.  It only rained for one day while we were there – but it was a whole lotta rain all at once!  I got kinda wet, but my friend had a towel for me.  We also got to go get pizza!

We had a really good time in the little town, but then we had to come home.  We had one last night in a big city in Ohio.  We checked into our hotel, and then went for a walk; we went to a really big bookstore – I’d never seen so many books in my life!  Then we walked through a really pretty park, with fountains and benches and ponds – and even some ducks.  We had a really good hamburger for dinner – and I got fries again!  Then we went back through the park, and saw some people putting on a play.  We walked back to our hotel, and relaxed.

The next morning, we had to go back to the airport, and we stopped for breakfast on our way out.  I had a really yummy blueberry scone with fresh butter.  And then we got back on another plane – my friend said it was not the same plane as before, but it was still big and blue!  The plane ride home was exciting too.

I had a really good time in Ohio, but I was also glad to get home.  It was fun going on my first plane ride, and I was glad to take another one home.

My Very First Trip to the Beach

I got back home a couple days ago from my first trip to the beach.  It was so much fun!

We went to the beach on Friday.  I had to wait for a while in my friend’s office while she got a few things done, but that was okay because I had my book.  Then we packed up some snacks, got in the car, and started driving.  There were so many other cars on the road.  We drove for a long time, and then we went up, up, and over a really big bridge.  The water was really blue and I saw a lot of boats, but my friend said we weren’t at the beach yet.  This was only the Chesapeake Bay.  We had to drive for a while longer and passed by a lot of farms and little towns.  My friend said that if we come back later in the summer, we’ll see a lot of corn and soybeans on those farms!  That sounds delicious.

It felt like it took forever to get to the beach.  I fell asleep in the car for a little bit.  But then we got to our hotel – the bed was really big!  We walked into town for a little bit to have a little dinner – I had some really good french fries, but my friend said they were chips because they were from a British restaurant.  A nice English lady talked to my friend while I had my chips.  But then I was sleepy again, so we went back and went to bed.

On Saturday, we went to the beach really early, before a lot of other people got there.  We put out the towel and a big blanket.  I played a lot in the sand, and built a little sand hut to sit in – it was so neat.  My friend went swimming – I stuck my toe in the water and it was so cold!  I went back to sit on the blanket and play in the sand some more while she swam.  I also read some more of my Where’s Waldo book.  Then the lifeguards came and set up their chairs – and a lot more people started coming onto the beach, and they also went swimming and played in the sand.  A lot of the kids around also had balls, frisbees, pails and shovels, and other beach toys.  Everybody was having a good time.  I even found a really pretty oyster shell.

After a while we walked back up to the Boardwalk.  We walked past Funland and my friend let me play some of the games – I even won a prize!  It was a little green donut toy with sprinkles.  Then I was hungry again, so we went to a little diner on the Boardwalk.  I got to have french fries again and they were so yummy.  We went back to the beach for a while longer too, and then we went walking around the town.  Then we had some dinner and I went to bed because I was so tired – I had a big day for such a little elephant!

On Sunday, we went to have some pancakes for breakfast with the nice English lady and her friends.  They were really yummy!  After breakfast we went back to the beach.  My friend felt a little bad that she forgot to bring any beach toys, so she bought me a little pail and shovel set.  I had a lot of fun playing in the sand again!  But then it started to get cloudy and a little cold, and started to rain just a little bit, so we went back to the Boardwalk.  My friend let me get an ice cream, and I got sprinkles on it too.  Then we walked around the town a little bit more, and walked along the beach a bit more.  We saw a really cool sandcastle that someone else had made!  Then we went back and went to bed a little early on Sunday because we had to go back on Monday.

We left after breakfast on Monday.  We shared a really yummy piece of coffee cake.  There were a lot of cars on the way back too, but we got back just fine.  Then we unpacked and relaxed – and then the sun came back out.  Aw man!

I had so much fun at the beach, even in the rain!  I was really glad we got to play in the sunshine, and also really glad I had an umbrella.  I hope we get to go back again!

Getting Ready for My First Trip!

My friend told me that we are going on our first trip together (since I came from Philadelphia).

We are going to the beach!  I’m very excited, because I’ve never seen the sea.  My friend says the sea is really big – there is lots of water, and lots of sand.  We might even see dolphins!  She says it’s close enough that we’ll get there in a car.  It’s a place called Rehoboth Beach, in a state called Delaware.

IMG_1892My friend told me that we needed to start packing.  I didn’t know what to bring, since it’ll be my first time in a car, and my first time at the beach.  Some people like to make lists when they pack, so I tried making one too.  We thought I’d want to take a book, a towel, a beach blanket, some sunglasses, and a hat.  The towel is so big that I can probably share it with my friend.  My friend says she needs sunscreen, but we don’t know if elephants also need sunscreen.  So we’re taking a very big bottle, just in case I do!  My friend is also letting me put her camera in my little bag.  But I’m so little, and my bag is so little, that I can fit inside her beach bag with all my stuff.

My friend also thought it would be a good idea to check the weather forecast, so that we would know if we needed to bring something warm.  It looks like it might be sunny but it also might rain, so we put an umbrella in the beach bag too, just in case.IMG_1891

It’s kind of hard to pack because I’ve never done it before.  My friend says we can’t predict what will happen on a trip, but we can try to be as ready as we can.  We can bring books to pass the time, and maybe even paper and markers to draw.  We can try to bring theIMG_1895 right clothes and things for where we are going.  We might even get some snacks for the car just in case.

I wonder how I’ll like the beach?  My friend says we can build sandcastles, or look for seashells, or maybe even go swimming.  But it might be too cold.  I hope it’s fun!

The Beginning

My name is Wifred. I am a little blue elephant.

I used to live in the Philadelphia Airport Marriott. I would watch people come and go, and buy toothpaste. It was comfortable there, but I always wanted to see where people were going.

Then I made a new friend.  We had a good time getting to know each other.  She said she’d been on a lot of adventures. She asked me if I wanted to come on a train ride. It sounded really exciting!

We took the train all the way to Washington. I was nervous at first – the train went so fast and I couldn’t see much out the window.  But my friend told me that trains are a way to get to new places. She told me there are lots of ways to get new places – trains, cars, planes, boats…even walking! I don’t know how an elephant as little as me can walk very far, though.  And I wonder where I would want to go?  My friend says we can go anywhere.  The world is so big!

I’ve only seen just a little bit of Washington so far. But I made friends with a little hippo and a little monkey. They’ve already been on lots of adventures with my new friend, and they say it’s so much fun. They’ve already taken a lot of pictures. They thought it would be a lot of fun if I started writing down my adventures, too. They said it could help other little animals who might be scared about new adventures – cause they were too, just like me.  And then they met our friend, and they said they’ve had so much fun with her.

I hope you like my adventure stories.