The Beginning

My name is Wifred. I am a little blue elephant.

I used to live in the Philadelphia Airport Marriott. I would watch people come and go, and buy toothpaste. It was comfortable there, but I always wanted to see where people were going.

Then I made a new friend.  We had a good time getting to know each other.  She said she’d been on a lot of adventures. She asked me if I wanted to come on a train ride. It sounded really exciting!

We took the train all the way to Washington. I was nervous at first – the train went so fast and I couldn’t see much out the window.  But my friend told me that trains are a way to get to new places. She told me there are lots of ways to get new places – trains, cars, planes, boats…even walking! I don’t know how an elephant as little as me can walk very far, though.  And I wonder where I would want to go?  My friend says we can go anywhere.  The world is so big!

I’ve only seen just a little bit of Washington so far. But I made friends with a little hippo and a little monkey. They’ve already been on lots of adventures with my new friend, and they say it’s so much fun. They’ve already taken a lot of pictures. They thought it would be a lot of fun if I started writing down my adventures, too. They said it could help other little animals who might be scared about new adventures – cause they were too, just like me.  And then they met our friend, and they said they’ve had so much fun with her.

I hope you like my adventure stories.

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