Getting Ready for My First Trip!

My friend told me that we are going on our first trip together (since I came from Philadelphia).

We are going to the beach!  I’m very excited, because I’ve never seen the sea.  My friend says the sea is really big – there is lots of water, and lots of sand.  We might even see dolphins!  She says it’s close enough that we’ll get there in a car.  It’s a place called Rehoboth Beach, in a state called Delaware.

IMG_1892My friend told me that we needed to start packing.  I didn’t know what to bring, since it’ll be my first time in a car, and my first time at the beach.  Some people like to make lists when they pack, so I tried making one too.  We thought I’d want to take a book, a towel, a beach blanket, some sunglasses, and a hat.  The towel is so big that I can probably share it with my friend.  My friend says she needs sunscreen, but we don’t know if elephants also need sunscreen.  So we’re taking a very big bottle, just in case I do!  My friend is also letting me put her camera in my little bag.  But I’m so little, and my bag is so little, that I can fit inside her beach bag with all my stuff.

My friend also thought it would be a good idea to check the weather forecast, so that we would know if we needed to bring something warm.  It looks like it might be sunny but it also might rain, so we put an umbrella in the beach bag too, just in case.IMG_1891

It’s kind of hard to pack because I’ve never done it before.  My friend says we can’t predict what will happen on a trip, but we can try to be as ready as we can.  We can bring books to pass the time, and maybe even paper and markers to draw.  We can try to bring theIMG_1895 right clothes and things for where we are going.  We might even get some snacks for the car just in case.

I wonder how I’ll like the beach?  My friend says we can build sandcastles, or look for seashells, or maybe even go swimming.  But it might be too cold.  I hope it’s fun!

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