My First Trip to Ohio!

I just got back last weekend from another big first trip.  I went on my first plane ride to Ohio!

The airport was really busy – there were a lot of people coming and going.  We dropped off our big bag at a big desk, and my friend said that the bag goes under the plane!  I was glad I didn’t have to sit under there.  Then we had to go through a line with a machine to make sure we had a ticket, and that we were safe.  After the line and the machine, we walked through some shops that had pillows and magazines and other things for the plane, and some restaurants.  We got a breakfast sandwich and went to sit by the window so that I could watch the other planes before we got on ours.

Our plane was a big blue one – blue like me!  There were a lot of people getting on it too.  We got to pick our own seat, which my friend said doesn’t happen on every plane.  We sat by a window – it was a little window for such a big plane!

There were nice people working on the plane to make sure we had our bags in the right place, and that we wore our seat belts.  They made a lot of announcements on the speakers.  Then the plane started rolling backwards, and then forward – and then it started going really fast, and then all of the sudden we were up in the air!  I watched out the window and everything got really small; then we were above the clouds – they were so pretty and so fluffy.

A little bit later, the nice people brought us a soda and some peanuts – and peanuts are my favorite snack!  Then they told us it was time to buckle our seat belts again, because we were almost in Ohio.  I watched out the window again, and the city got bigger and bigger as we came down.  I was a little scared when we landed, cause it was really bumpy when the plane wheels hit the ground, but my friend said we were fine.  I was glad we were wearing seat belts.

We had to wait a little bit to get off the plane, because they had to open the plane door, and everyone else was getting off too.  We went down an escalator to a big moving circle thing, where the bags were coming out from the plane, and we found our bag.  Then my friend rented a car – she said it was like borrowing a car, but we had to pay for it.  Then we left the airport, and drove along a lot of country roads, and saw a lot of corn fields, and got to the little town where we were staying.

We stayed in a little house with a few other people, but we had our own room to ourselves.  It was a nice little town to walk around – a lot of the buildings looked like little castles!  We even got to go on a hike through the woods – my little legs got kinda tired, so my friend carried me in her backpack.  I was glad she brought water, cause it got kinda hot, too.  It only rained for one day while we were there – but it was a whole lotta rain all at once!  I got kinda wet, but my friend had a towel for me.  We also got to go get pizza!

We had a really good time in the little town, but then we had to come home.  We had one last night in a big city in Ohio.  We checked into our hotel, and then went for a walk; we went to a really big bookstore – I’d never seen so many books in my life!  Then we walked through a really pretty park, with fountains and benches and ponds – and even some ducks.  We had a really good hamburger for dinner – and I got fries again!  Then we went back through the park, and saw some people putting on a play.  We walked back to our hotel, and relaxed.

The next morning, we had to go back to the airport, and we stopped for breakfast on our way out.  I had a really yummy blueberry scone with fresh butter.  And then we got back on another plane – my friend said it was not the same plane as before, but it was still big and blue!  The plane ride home was exciting too.

I had a really good time in Ohio, but I was also glad to get home.  It was fun going on my first plane ride, and I was glad to take another one home.

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