Make Way for Ducklings – my first trip to Boston!

I have been really busy this summer – my friend took me on TWO more adventures after Chicago!

The first one was a weekend in Boston, a really old city in Massachusetts.  My friend said it was one of the important cities in the American Revolution!  She had to go for a lot of work meetings, so I got to hang out in a really cool hotel called Aloft in a really big comfy bed.

When my friend finished up her work meetings, she took me over to an Irish pub called Mr. Dooley’s, where we had some clam chowder and got to listen to a band playing real Irish music – it was so fun!  We even met a real Irish guy whose sister knows a friend of my friend!  My friend said it’s such a small world.  We didn’t stay TOO long, cause we were tired and wanted to go see more of Boston in the morning.

The next day, we were trying to decide what to go see, and my friend said coffee would help her think – so she got me a HUGE honey-dip donut from a place called Kane’s Donuts.  I think donuts are my next favorite thing after ice cream and fries!  So we decided to walk around for a bit on the Freedom Trail, a walk through Boston that goes by a lot of historical sites.  I learned so much!  We saw the site of the Boston Massacre, the Old State House, and King’s Chapel – and then we went to go sit in the shade in Boston Commons for a few minutes.  Then we walked around a bit more, and found the Make Way for Ducklings statue – it was so cute!  Then my friend took me over to say hi to the real ducks too.  But then we got hungry – so we found a really yummy burger place called Mooyah – my friend got me some sweet potato fries!

After lunch, we kept walking and got to Faneuil Hall.  We wanted to go to the Paul Revere House, but the line was REALLY LONG, so we went back to Faneuil Hall.  My friend told me that it’s okay if we don’t see everything in a place, so long as we have fun!  And we had fun at Faneuil Hall.  Then we walked around a bit more, back towards the hotel – and we walked past a park where there was a brass band having a little concert.  We stayed and danced for a few minutes!  We also walked past the Boston Tea Party museum, but it was closed already – but I liked looking at the cool boats.

We didn’t do a lot a lot of things in Boston, but we still had a really good time!

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